We promote women’s health.

materra is a non-profit and voluntary non-governmental organization (NGO) that was founded in 1993 in Freiburg. The aim of the association is to initiate and promote women’s health projects with local partners in developing countries as well as in crisis areas and medically underserved regions. At home, research and teaching in the field of women’s health in developing countries are to be promoted and disseminated.

Female Empowerment

Following many years of work in medical development aid, came the realization that reproductive health and education of women are essential prerequisites for the development of a country. Because with increasing literacy of women, the mortality of mothers and children decreases and family planning becomes possible. materra works preferably with local non-governmental and women’s organizations, which on the one hand develop the project proposals, discuss them with us and then carry them out with us after approval. This is the only way to ensure sustainability and local commitment.

materra supports:

  • Education and training projects that lead to preventive health behavior
  • the establishment and supply of simple examination units
  • the basic training of local staff
  • the training and further education of local gynecologists, midwives and nurses
  • scientific research in the field of women’s health in developing countries
  • Projects for equality between women and men and for the implementation of the human rights of women.

» materra e.V. bylaws (PDF)

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