Computer center and library for training midwives and nurses in the Congo

Establishment of a data center and library in the nursing school in Mosango (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Project sponsor: Katholische Pfarrei im Bistum Kikwit in der DRK
Funding amount: EUR 50,000
Duration: 2020
Project leader: Dr. Willy Manzanza

Mosango has a district hospital with 540 beds and 16 health stations (outstations), which are responsible for the medical care of over 90,000 residents within a radius of 70 km. The convenient location, close to the main road between Kinshasa and Kikwit, and the hospital’s good reputation are the reasons for its popularity.

The school opened in September 2008 and organizes two courses: for nurses and for midwives. The trainees come after completing the 10th grade and are around 16 years old. Classes take place in the school, while the practical part of the training takes place in the nearby Mosango hospital (approx. 2 to 3 km from the school). Here in the hospital and in the associated outstations (health stations or health centers), the trainees also complete their annual 4-week internship.

Midwifery graduates of 2015-2016 on the day of their final exams

The teachers have a degree in medical science or nursing. Some (including two doctors) are employees in the hospital.

The vocational training to become a nurse or midwife in the Congo lasts 4 years and ends with a state-recognized diploma, which also enables the graduates to be admitted to the medical university. Employment opportunities after the training are available in the Mosango region or in other health facilities in the country.

Since the school opened in 2008, 128 trainees (77 girls and 51 boys) have successfully completed their training: 30 midwives and 98 nurses. Of these 128, 117 work in the Mosango region, nationwide and even in neighboring countries (Angola, Congo-Brazzaville and Cameroon), 7 are studying at a university, 4 have unfortunately already died.

The school can barely cover the running costs with the parental contributions, since in the extremely difficult economic situation in the Congo, many parents can hardly pay the necessary school fees for their children. For all investment costs (construction of buildings, interior fittings, acquisition of learning material, water and electricity supply, etc.) the school is mainly dependent on outside help.

Schoolchildren in an awareness campaign for women and children in a village about 50 km from the school in Mosango.

The training program includes a computer science course. But the school only has 5 computers for more than 100 trainees and around 20 teachers and employees. The school library also has a small collection of books.

With the establishment of a data center and a well-stocked library, the school can fill this gap. To do this, she needs financial help for the construction of a building (with a computer room, a library and two small offices), for the interior design, for books and for the purchase of computers, printers and material for solar energy.


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