Harare: Prevention project against sexual abuse of children and against AIDS

A cooperation with Family Support Trust, Harare

Country: Zimbabwe
Project management: Senta Möller, Regina Kiener
Funding amount: 150,000 DM
Duration: 1999 – 2004
Local project partner: Family Support Trust, Harare
Contact: senta.moeller@materra.org, regina.kiener@materra.org

As early as 1999, materra started the prevention program against sexual abuse of children and adolescents in two large poor suburbs of Harare. In 2001 the program was extended to a further suburb. The program was carried out with our local partner, the Family Support Trust, an aid organization of paediatricians and psychologists who work at Harare Central Hospital and who have been caring for and treating sexually abused children for years. The prevention program provides information about the consequences of sexual abuse for the victims and aims to raise awareness of the problem among the population.

Those affected were trained to become so-called “PEER educators”, who use traditional methods to address the problem, explain it and provide information about its consequences in workshops and discussion events. The campaign was accompanied by theatrical performances, newspaper reports and advertisements, posters, leaflets, T-shirts and badges.
The local “PEER Educators” and the theater groups were recurring with
Events a permanent facility on site.

The Federal Ministry for Development Cooperation and the State Foundation of Baden-Württemberg have funded the project as a model project.

Contact: senta,moeller@materra.org, regina.kiener@materra.org

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